"When my daughter began Kindergarten her teacher asked me what preschool my daughter had attended because she was very well prepared for Kindergarten and at the top of the class for math and reading. I was happy to tell her that my daughter had spent 3 years attending UCP (now UCELC) including her VPK year. My daughter’s success in Kindergarten has validated my decision in sending my kids to UCP (now UCELC). All of her testing has come in well above average when compared to her age group. She is reading at a 2nd grade level based on tests performed at her school and she is just in Kindergarten. So when I had to make a decision in March on a VPK program for my son it was an easy decision to make. I decided to keep him at UCP (now UCELC) for one more year. The reason I think their program is so successful is because UCP (now UCELC) has talented and caring teachers and staff that run a structured but fun curriculum that keeps the children engaged while learning in a Christian environment." ~ Magge Fernandez

"I couldn't of dreamt of a more perfect place for my two children to attend preschool.
From the caring staff to the exceptional curriculum. My children were not only prepared for Kindergarten but they had a rich understanding of the bible. UCP (now UCELC) has lived up to every expectation I had for a preschool for my children." ~ Courtney Hoffmann

"I drive my daughter from College Park, which is just outside of downtown Orlando, so she can attend UCP (now UCELC). I don’t do this because I like to sit in rush hour traffic each morning; I do it because it is an amazing school that helps to mold her into a confident and passionate student with strong Christian values. Her enthusiasm to further explore the things she knows and eagerness to gain new knowledge is a direct result of the stellar faculty and the supportive staff of the school. The experiences she has gained while attending UCP (now UCELC) will follow her throughout her academic career and beyond. As a parent, I can’t ask for anything more." ~ Brian Kulbaba

"University Carillon Preschool (now University Carillon Early Learning Center) has been growing young members of my family for the past 15 years. I always knew when the time came, my children would attend as well. My second child is now attending the 3 year old program and UCP (now UCELC) has been an absolute blessing. The teachers are so amazing! They are the perfect combination of highly skilled educators and very loving. The teachers recognize each child as an individual and give unconditional love while providing unforgettable experiences for these young gifts from God. The Director of the school and the office staff are friendly, accommodating and professional. UCP (now UCELC) is truly an amazing place and I am so blessed for all the wonderful experiences my children have had while there." ~ Lori Saxton

"Our experience at UCP (now UCELC) has been nothing but wonderful. I have been so impressed with the love, guidance, and learning each teacher my kids have had at this school has provided. I have watched them each grow not only academically, but socially and spiritually as well. My oldest son who started at UCP (now UCELC) in the 3’s program thrived this year in Kindergarten. I know a lot of that is thanks to the amazing education he received at this school. I am watching my 3 year old twins follow in his footsteps and have seen huge growth in both of them this year...they love school already! It is so nice to bring my children to a place I know they love to be at, I love what they are gaining from it, and a place that I am comfortable in knowing they are being taken care of and loved. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the teachers and staff at this school. They take a true interest in your children. It truly feels like they love them like they are their own!" ~ Colleen Calhoun

You may now also pay your tuition online! You can make a one time payment or have it automatically withdrawn monthly through your checking account or debit card.